Annex 3: Draft program

Intelligent Network Implementation Workshop
Centre of Excellence Project for the Europe (CoE-EUR)

"Technology Trends" Program

Duration - 3 days. 28 - 30 September 2004
Place - NBU, Sofia, Bulgaria

Day 1
Panel 1
Intelligent networks concept and architectures
Introduction. IN fundamentals. Intelligent network concept.
Intelligent network architectures and platforms
Intelligent network architectures and platforms
Intelligent network standardization problems.
Intelligent network evolution.
Open discussion on panel 1 subjects
Panel 2
Intelligent network features
Signaling - Common Channel Signaling System No. 7 (CCSS7) usage for IN
Intelligent Network Application Part
Network features – numbering, routing
Network features –charging, accounting, statistics
Mapping with mobile and LAN networks, CORBA platforms
Open discussion on panel 2 subjects

Day 2
Panel 3.
Traffic and quality management. Configuration and dimensioning
Teletraffic aspects of intelligent network.
Quality of service aspects & network performance
IN dimensioning
IN optimization
Open discussion on panel 3 subjects
Panel 4.
IN services
Intelligent network services
Intelligent network end-users.
New service trends
IN service mapping and compatibility problems. Implementation problems
Service creation concepts
Service creation in practice
Open discussion on panel 4 subjects

Day 3
Panel 5.
IN implementation
Intelligent network configurations
Technical aspects of IN implementation. Network deployment
IN services implementation problems
Marketing aspects of IN services implementation
Open discussion on panel 5 subjects
Panel 6
Commercial IN platforms
Alcatel IN Platform
Ericsson IN platform
HP IN Platform
Siemens IN Platform
Best practice in IN implementation.
Open discussion on panel 6 subjects